Vancouver East Real Estate

Want to live like a star? Looking for the kind of life you only see in the movies? Buy real estate in Vancouver East, British Columbia. The city of Vancouver is known as “Hollywood North” for being the home of the third-largest TV and film industry in North America. Vancouver’s Easy Side is certainly worthy of a major motion picture itself. With great schools, shopping, parks, entertainment, and more, Vancouver East offers some of the best real estate in Metro Vancouver. Check out our Vancouver East real estate listings and reveal your inner celebrity.

There are many beautiful homes for sale in Vancouver East, part of the eighth largest City in Canada. You’ll find that the price of a home in Vancouver East is lower than that in nearby Vancouver West neighborhoods.  Vancouver’s East Side is traditionally comprised of working class neighborhoods, but in recent years has seen the arrival of many young professionals, particularly in the Main Street and Commercial Drive areas. Vancouver’s very own Greenwich Village, Commercial Drive, is a shopping and dining district offering an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, indie record stores, consignment shops, galleries, cafes, and more.

Vancouver East certainly delivers in the shopping and nightlife department. Take Antique Row for instance. This area, located between 14th and 33rd Avenues on Main Street, is home to various antique shops, coffee shops, and restaurants.  Chinatown also offers many great shopping and entertainment opportunities. In one evening you can take in an opera and enjoy delicious Chinese food nearby.

Speaking of shopping, while you’re shopping for real estate in Vancouver East, consider the great educational opportunities it has to offer. Attending one of the Vancouver School District’s many great schools, your children will know about everything from the alphabet to algebra in no time. The King Edward campus of Vancouver Community College is also located in Vancouver East should you or your children wish to pursue higher education.

While you’ll certainly be able to exercise your mind in Vancouver East, this side of Vancouver also offers many great opportunities to exercise your body as well. For example, you can visit Trout Lake for a swim. For more entertainment, visit PlayLand. Ride a coaster, play fun games, and munch on delicious snacks. Think of all the fun you can have if you buy Vancouver East real estate.

Take a look at our Vancouver East real estate listings and find the home of your dreams. Whether you’re a fan or “Rumble in the Bronx” or “X-Men: The Last Stand”  (both filmed in Chinatown), you’ll find the best entertainment, schools, restaurants, and homes in Vancouver East. Get ready for the time of your life.  

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